People Like Us Creative Health Festival

We are back with another Creative Health Festival for the people of Coventry & Warwickshire!

Super excited to be working on this year’s creative health festival. We did think it might not happen this year due to the pandemic. But it’s hard to stop a bunch of creatives from exploring new ways to bring their ideas to life!

One thing is for sure people have been using their time in lockdown to get creative, learn new skills and connect with others. Online communities are stronger than before all the COVID-19 madness started. 

We want to make sure that going forward creativity and community is at the forefront of what we do. We value the positive impacts the arts and creativity have on people’s health and wellbeing. We want to shine a light on the local artists, community groups and organisations who are passionate about creative health. 

We hope that we can spark curiosity for people to try something new or to connect with new people online

Festival Of Creativity blog photos

Where it all began

The first-ever Creative Health Festival I was involved with was in 2017. After a conversation in a local coffee shop with a few creative friends, we decided to host a Festival of Creativity at Fargo Village. We didn’t have long to plan or organise or any funds! So the only way we knew it would work is by getting as many people involved as possible! The first festival was a success and people wanted more…

The 1st Festival of Creativity - 2017


After meeting a local creative: Kerry from Starfish Collaborative we decided we would host another festival and create opportunities for fellow creative health practitioners to meet up. We did hope to get funding but that went out the window (the application process is epic!) so we produced the festival with the help of the Herbert Art Gallery and the Creative Health community in June 2019. 

Bringing people together to explore their creativity is a truly magical experience. One that we wanted to recreate in 2020 and beyond

Support crew

This year we have support from City of Culture 2021, Coventry City Council, Warwickshire County Council and Great Places Project. This has helped us to develop our ideas for the Creative Health Meetups and the People Like Us Festival. The past couple of months we have been working on bringing our ideas to life

Support Crew

People Like Us

The name for this year’s festival came about after hearing lots of different people express their concerns that their voices were not being heard. People who were using creativity to help self manage the everyday stresses of life alongside their long term health condition or disability. 

Everyday people trying to move forward with their lives by using their creative skills and building communities

We need to come together, now more than ever, to share the wonderful and beautiful skills we all have and shout out about how we are using our creative superpowers to keep our mind, body and soul ticking along in the crazy old world we call home. 

People Like Us Can Come Together

This years theme...

Creativity & Community in isolation 

Key question – What can we create together that will have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing? 


  1. To shine a light on the Creative Health movement in Coventry and Warwickshire 
  2. To get more people involved with creative activities and community action
  3. Spark conversations that lead to positive community action 
  4. To bring people together and connect them creatively 

How can you get involved

Save the date – Monday 6th – Sunday 12th July

As its a community-powered festival we need to develop the programme based on who wants to get involved. More updates will be coming out over the coming weeks so sign up to the Feel Good Com newsletter to stay in the loop. Updates will also be going out on @PeoplelikeUsCov Instagram and @FeelGoodCommunity Facebook page (links below)


Local artists and community groups

This year we are able to fund local artists and community groups to deliver creative health sessions. We feel this is really important as now more than ever the local creative economy needs support

Partner Organisations

We know there are many organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire who are taking creative approaches to promote peoples health and wellbeing. We would love to partner with you to showcase your work across our social media channels. Get in touch with us if you are interested

Creative Health Meet-ups

Are a Creative Health practitioner who would like to network and learn? if so head over to the Creative Health Meet-ups Facebook group. Please fill in the questions so we can gain an insight about who is joining the group 

Social media and links