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Focus On The Things You Can Do 

How a walk in the park turned into a social movement.

When you become chronically ill your life turns into a waiting game. Waiting for appointments, waiting for tests, waiting for results, waiting for the meds to work, waiting to fall asleep, waiting for a diagnosis, waiting to get your life back.

My life became consumed by my illness. All I could focus on was the things I was missing out on: going to the gym, going shopping with the girls, going out with my friends, going for a run. I even missed not being able to do housework, please, believe me, its true!

Looking back I wasn’t much fun to be around. My sister stood by me offering the support and wise words like only older sisters can do. She told me I had a choice; I could either let this illness consume me or I could look for other things that could make me feel good. Easier said than done though as I still wanted the life I had, the more I thought about changing my mindset the angrier I got.

mobilising communities

They say things happen for a reason and looking back the reason I changed my mindset was the new piece of work my sister was starting for the organisation she works for, Grapevine. I agreed to go along to her first event for support even though I didn’t understand what it was about. That night I found out their mission was to mobilise communities to become more active. I met people that I wouldn’t normally have met. I heard other people tell their story and realised they also had challenges and choices. However, the one difference was they had a call to action. This was the missing link in my story…It dawned on me I needed a purpose, I needed to belong once again I needed a call to action!

Getting my boom boom pow back 

We put a call out on Facebook briefly explaining the situation and asking if anyone wanted to join us for a Feel Good Walk in the Park

Our first Feel Good event…

On a cold wintery day in February, I stood nervously holding a placard that said ‘Feel Good this way’ so people we didn’t know would know where to go. 

Amazingly 33 folks and 3 dogs turned up on a cold wintery day in February. We walked around the park, chatting with old friends and making new ones. Someone commented that we looked like activists on a march promoting good health and friendships. I liked that.

Feel Good Walk Doodle

See You next time

As we said our goodbyes people thanked me for organising and asked when the next walk would be. I was overcome with a truly amazing feeling. Maybe getting people together was the Feel Good tonic I needed and now I had something else to focus on…the next Feel Good event!

By focusing on the things I can do rather than the things I can’t has helped me to Feel Good, it helped me to start the Feel Good movement and hopefully, over time, it will help others to Feel Good too!

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