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Feel Connected, Feel Strong, Feel Good


We have had some amazing feedback and support from the community – Helping others to Feel Good is the reason we do what we do.

The range of activities put on for the Feel Good Festival of Creativity was very diverse. Young people were able to experience a variety of creative media and left with smiling faces. Some had not experienced something like this before! – Gloria

Engaged people in trying out new things. I felt relaxed, enjoyed chatting and doing activities – Andrew

It was lovely to see how so many different people had come together to put the Feel Good Festival of Creativity on. It felt like it came from the heart – there wasn’t even an admission charge (although if there had been a small one to cover costs, I’m sure that would have been fine too). There were a range of activities and workshops on offer – something to appeal to all sorts of creatives. I enjoyed the pet assisted therapy dogs, the communal colouring in and the yoga/meditation workshop in a breakout room – Anita

The workshops were great, good turn out, a real positive energy with everyone clearly enjoying themselves. Also loved the music, drumming workshops, and spoken word as well as art and craft activities. There was a real good selection – Chloe

Relaxed community spirit. These events are really important starting points for anyone looking to explore wellbeing. – Katherine

This was such a great event organised by people who are passionate about the role of arts in health and wellbeing. I don’t believe that there was anything that could have been improved. With such enthusiastic people involved, this event will inevitably continue to grow and to connect with more people across Coventry. Funding will help with this – Gloria

Caring, inspirational, love working with this group – Gaynor

A wonderful welcoming bunch sharing contagious positivity and feel good vibes across the city. The Feel Good Community put on some cracking events exploring ways how creativity boosts wellbeing, and do incredible work in the community.Thank you for all that you do. I always look forward to seeing your Facebook posts 🙌– Chloe

Thank you for existing. Whenever I spend time with this group of amazing people I feel uplifted, invigorated, inspired and ready to change the world! Keep doing your thing Feel Good folk  – Kirstie

A great place to meet likeminded people who want to share stories and do things that make them feel good. Ive been to several events and highly recommend! if you want to feel good get involved -Jay

Despite life’s set back helping others feel good about themselves helps you feel better. Shared problems are always smaller -Colin

Really proud to be part of a community of like minded people, with the same passion, vision and creativity, to really help others come together and inspire every one we meet! Exciting times ahead! -Ian

Absolutely GREAT community doing great work -Bianca

I love what you guys do. The ‘Feel Good winter walk and Hygee evening’ was amazing – so thoughtfully planned and coordinated. I had a really good time! Thank you  -Parita

Amazing event last night, so welcoming & friendy. Great for all the family. Looking forward to future get togethers – Helen

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