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Feel Connected, Feel Strong, Feel Good


What is Feel Good com?

Feel Good Com was established in 2014. We are a community-powered movement that likes to come together to think about how we can bring the Feel Good factor to people’s lives.  We simply believe no-one should have to face anything alone. We believe creativity connects people together and makes us all stronger.

Feel Connected – Feel Strong – Feel Good.


It has developed into a self-supporting network of people, with and without long-term conditions, who enjoy coming together to create, make and host events, workshops, walks and creative meetups in Coventry.

Why we do what we do

There are over 26 million people in the UK who live with at least one Long Term Condition (LTC) and 10 million who have two or more. In Coventry the figures suggest there are 99,000 people with LTCs.

For those people, there is an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Their ongoing and complex needs are currently met by an already overstretched health and social care system. Life with an LTC can be isolating, frustrating and extremely debilitating for both the person, their families and carers.

Research shows the positive impacts creating networks and communities can have. Also, there is strong evidence that shows creativity can play an important role for people with LTCs/disabilities. We believe the Feel Good movement can co-create solutions to the problems life throws at us helping those who live with complex situations have a more resilient future.

Feel Connected – Feel Strong – Feel Good

Long Term Conditions Infographic

What we do

Every community has its own gems, people who have experienced life’s unexpected twists and turns, experts in their own right. Real people who have first-hand knowledge of the realities of a system that is cash-strapped and struggling to meet public demands.What makes Feel Good special is that the majority of us have first-hand experience of living with a long-term health condition/disability. 

You need to get to the point where you are so exhausted by a problem that you are willing to dedicate everything to a solution.” Melissa Creary

We like to bring people together to think about the solutions to some of life’s problems and to work together on making these solutions a reality. So far, as a community, we have created several Feel Good events 

All our events start life at an Ideas Factory, an informal meet-up that always begins with a real-life story before handing over to the group to talk about problems, generate ideas, share skills, resources and contacts and ending with people pledging their commitments. Our last event, The Feel Good Festival of Creativity, was a perfect example of this

Feel Connected – Feel Strong – Feel Good

Who can get involved?

Feel Good Awesome Statement

Movements need people…We need YOU! Get in touch if you would like to find out more or be involved with #FeelGoodCom in some way.

Find out about how the Feel Good movement began by reading The Story of Mel

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