Lockdown Art

Every day I'm doodling!

During lockdown one of the ways I kept busy and keep my anxiety at bay was to doodle on my iPad. 

Here are a few of my lockdown digital doodle illustrations. Each one was nominated by someone they know. I’m currently running a digital doodle giveaway on my Insta and FaceBook. One lucky winner will receive a digital doodle of someone they have nominated. So get tagging those peeps that help you to feel good!


Here comes the bride

One of my previous doodles, Kirsty nominated her friend and fellow nurse, Nicola. Nicola should have been getting married during the lockdown. She had to work the night of her hen do. So doodling her was even more special for me

Dr Feel Good

This is Andrew, as he is know to his mum Chris, she says everyone else calls him Andy. Chris nominated him for me to doodle. In her words

“My son works with COVID-19 heart patients. He’s my hero. He fought for his patients to have the longest-lasting pacemakers rather than the cheapest. Just love him so much.”

I know Chris through Creative Kindness – find out more about them


Feel Good Family

Isaac my youngest nephew and completely adorable little person warms my heart every time I see him. Being in lockdown has meant we haven’t seen as much of each other however I have been doodling him! If you have little ones check out the previous blog  10 reasons for cultivating creativity from early childhood. 

Love this quote by Vivian Greene. So wanted to incorporate it with Isaac’s doodles. He loves plating outside especially when it rains. Hopefully, it will resonate with you too


One he is sitting inside with his hands crossed and a beaker in front of him. The other he is outside waering wellies, a rain mac and hat. He is standing in a puddle. The words say" Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass. Its about learning to dance in the rain."
My nephew

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