Clap For Our Carers COVID-19 Art

Finding ways to Feel Good has inspired me to shine a light on the Key Workers keeping us safe. Introducing my  COVID-19 doodles…

It has been a really long while since I wrote a blog post as life has been pretty hectic after taking on the role of Community Organiser at Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire. However, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, I am once again on a mission to find ways to help me Feel Good. It started with a doodle inspired by Lord Kitcheners 1914 poster \”Your Country Needs You\” which led to me creating a series of doodles inspired by keyworkers working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis. 

I have been posting on my Insta  but thought each illustration needed the links adding so thoughts turned to my neglected blog. Now I am hooked once again! I will be working on producing more content and updating the site over the coming weeks. Might as well make the most of the time in lockdown. It\’s one good way to keep safe and COVID-19 at bay. 

Clap For Our Carers – Kirsty Brewerton

I was inspired to get creative after reading a recent Coventry Live article about a local Key Worker Kirsty Brewerton.



In the article, Kirsty spoke about her fears of returning to work on a COVID-19 ward at Warwick hospital and keeping her family safe.

Kirsty, a fellow creative initially reached out to me after seeing my doodle of another local key worker Dhushyanthan Surendra Kumar  I was inspired to create his doodle after reading his informative posts on Facebook. See below for more info…

Kirsty is one of the creatives involved with Sitting Rooms Of Culture. A Facebook group set up to showcase people’s artwork and creations made whilst in the current lockdown. If you’ve not already joined then I would highly recommend as there is a daily feed of brilliant creativity

Kirsty is finding the time to get her creative juices flowing in the form of writing – check out her blog…


Diary of a frontline worker – an insight into the mind of an NHS worker facing the Coronavirus. Sister Birsty’s COVID Journey is a way for Kirsty to document her experiences and process my emotions




Clap For Our Carers –  Dhushyanthan Surendra Kumar



My friend Bernie, who works at UHCW shared one of his FB posts and I was hooked. I love his honesty, his firsthand knowledge and the respect he shows for the team at UHCW. So much so I recreated him in the Kitchener style for my first keyworker COVID-19 illustration. I was nervous showing him as I don\’t know him personally and thought he might think I was a stalker – but he thankfully loved it!




Clap For Our Carers – Dr Alex George 


The third doodle inspiration is Dr Alex George. I was scrolling through Insta one day and came across his posts. The last time I’d seen him on my screen was on Love Island! He looks different fully clothed and in his PPE. What I liked the most is that his posts were positive, informative and shone a light on his fellow workers at University Hospital Lewisham. Well worth a follow…

Clap for Creativity! 

Getting creative is definitely helping my wellbeing as it takes me to a relaxed state which is great for my anxiety. Learning new things on my iPad is keeping my brain active which can only be a good thing!

I created these illustrations using Adobe Fresco which I highly recommend downloading if you have an iPad

Online Community Creativity 

The last two doddles were created as I was challenged by my friend Daksha to try my first Facebook Live for Foleshill Creates. I have been involved with their weekly sessions since last year. They usually take place at Broad Street Community Space, however, since lockdown they have been sharing weekly tutorials on Facebook.

I have been enjoying creating positive campaign art to put around the house and gratitude art for my window to say thanks to the key workers. So the session was to show people what I do and how they could create their own. I really enjoyed it especially seeing all the artwork that was created. If you fancy giving it a go tune in here. All you need is paper, or old magazines and pens.


If you have enjoyed this, or want to nominate a keyworker to be doodled and shared on next week\’s Clap For Our Carers\’ blog post. Please do get in touch. Likewise, if you want to be kept up to date with posts please subscribe – you will receive a hand doodled wise words poster for you to print out and keep