Feel Good Friday – COVID-19 art

A doodle a day keeps COVID-19 away!

Celebrating some amazing peeps on Feel Good Friday by creating digital portraits of them is helping me to keep my anxiety levels down and Feel Good chemicals pumping. Hope you enjoy!

Walk With Tom #TomorrowWillBeaGoodDay

Starting off with Captain Tom Moore – what a legend! Smashed his 1k target by adding loads of zeros what a man! I hope I’m able to keep up his spirit and pace when I reach 100. The whole country salutes you, sir! 

Captain Tom Moore’s mission was to walk a hundred lengths of the back garden (which is 25m in length) before he turned 100 years old at the end of the month. He smashed that and is still going just like his fundraising total. If you would like to donate check out his Just Giving Page

What a way to celebrate 100 years on this planet? He’s also landed number one in the charts with his charity single You Will Never Walk Alone 


The next doodle is of a local family who I’m proud to call my friends! Sam, JJ and Jake Donohue have all braved the shave to raise money for the NHS during the current COVID-19 crisis

What started off as a bit of banter between JJ, Andy C and Andy P has resulted in a series of shaved heads and over 10k for NHS, in particular, our local hospital – UHCW. They have appeared in Coventry LIVE, on BBC CWR and made the BBC News . They even had a song created for their #dontbevainshavethemane campaign

It’s not just the lads that have been getting involved…Sam was the first girl to shave her head followed by Christine! Very brave I honestly don’t think I’d have the courage to do it so I donated to the cause instead. If you would like to donate then check out their Just Giving Page

You never know I might give myself a doodle shave in my next self portrait but that will be as far as I get!


Olivia Strong came up with the concept during her daily allocated outdoor activity.

She ran five kilometres. Then, when she got home, she set up a fundraiser for the NHS COVID-19 appeal and donated £5. Then, she nominated five of her pals on social media to do the same. You might have spotted this doing its rounds on social media. You may have even been nominated yourself? I’m still waiting for my nomination…so please feel free to nominate me!

The mission – Run 5k. Donate £5 through their Virgin Fundraising page. Nominate 5 people on your social media tagging in @Run.For.Heroes They smashed 5K and are now going for 5 million!

COVID-19 Creativity

I have already started working on some more illustrations for next weeks Feel Good Friday blog post. But if you have anyone in mind please do share them with me as always on the lookout for inspiration. I hope that you have enjoyed my blog post and doodles. Check out my previous post “Clap For Our Carers COVID-19 Art” As the title suggests it’s shining a light on Key Workers. If you have enjoyed this please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter – you will be able to download a free Wise Words doodle I created back at the start of my Feel Good journey…