Weaving A Perfect Picture Together

In the tapestry of life, we’re all connected. Each one of us is a gift to those around us helping each other be who we are, weaving a perfect picture together.

Anita Moorjani

Next door to where I work in Spon End is a beautiful old building that stands proud. The Weaver’s house shares so much of it’s history to the people that go through its doors. Twice weekly it plays home to an amazing group of women who have an array of knowledge, skills and talent. It was that that drew me through the door on a warm Monday morning mid-August.

What happens inside the weaver’s house?

I was welcomed by a lovely lady called Peggy. Sitting at a long table with a cup of tea and biscuit I discovered more details about the Weaver’s workshop. After our chat, I was introduced to a lovely lady who goes by the name of Beryl.  We meandered our way through the medieval garden to a little room that is home to a supply of materials and equipment that help the ladies to weave their magic. We picked up some small sticks and some wool that had caught my eye before returning back to the main house.


The start of my weaving journey

Within minutes Beryl had helped me to start my weaving with sticks exploration. It was easier than I had imagined and before long I had started to produce my first piece which we swiftly turned into a snail. Chatting with the other ladies about my finished piece one of them reminded me about a poem from my childhood.

Network Weaving

Coventry has so much creative history and there is a whole army of people who are helping to share the skills so it never dies. I will definitely be going back to the Weavers workshop. I have a thirst for learning more. Peggy, the other weavers and I will be looking at ways we can bring the magic of weaving to the Feel Good Ambassadors, perhaps at one of the Self Care Socials. So watch this space to find out how we weave our networks and communities together.

Give It a go

If you are interested in having a go weaving why not go along to one of their drop-in sessions, held each Monday and Thursday morning at the Weaver’s House, 121 Upper Spon St, Coventry CV1 3BQ, between 10 and 12.30  Cost £3 – tea, biscuits and lots of helpful support, absolutely no weaving experience necessary!