The Bigger Picture

An online project set up to bring people together to use their creative skills to create a large scale community collage

I was recently asked to get involved with a new project that was formed during the lockdown. The project is being developed through the Creative Health Alliance by Kerry Harvey at The Starfish Collaborative


What is the bigger picture?

The Bigger Picture is an exciting online experience that will share and showcase the unique journeys of people in Warwickshire during this time of great change & uncertainty, through a large-scale collage formed with individual images of people’s personal creations.

“The project focuses on creative endeavours, with the belief that the arts and creativity are essential to the health and vitality of communities”

How to get involved

You can have a go at creating your own tutorial. Head over to Starfish’s website to find out how. Don’t worry you can keep it simple – they are not looking for perfection. I filmed mine on my iPhone using a makeshift tripod that kept slipping! I used items that I had lying around my house – magazines and pens and created this piece of artwork 

My Message to the world

I chose the ‘Message To The World’ theme as during lockdown people were inspired to create positive artworks that they could share on social media and in their windows. Seeing these handcrafted messages really did fill me with hope. I a huge advocate for the positive power creativity can have on your mind, body and soul so I feel hopeful that more people will continue to create as we try to find our new normal in the crazy old world 

Try out the tutorials 

Head over to Starfish’s youtube to watch the tutorials from local artists. Hopefully, it will spark your curiosity for having a go at creating your own Bigger Picture tutorial 

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